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Giorgio Crobu

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He was born in Oristano in 1959. He made his debut as a professional musician in Italy in 1975 with his Trio. Eventually, he has played all over Europe with different groups and highly esteemed musicians. In 1983 he moved to Berlin, where he got in contact with jazz musicians from all over the world. His musicality has been in constant search for an 'articulated sinuosity' and is characterized by an impeccable execution technique and a delicate velvet touch.

In 1986, he temporarily moved from Germany to England. He actively participated in the London jazz scene, where he showed his predilection for trios made of guitar, double-bass and drums. His music reminds more and more of Bill Evans' romantic atmospheres, Wes Montgomery's soft sounds, and the great warmth which is typical of Mediterranean culture. Meanwhile, his concerts and tours lead him to perform in and outside Europe: Portugal, France, Austria, Holland, Japan, Switzerland, Scandinavia and of course Italy, Germany and England.

In 2000 he started to work for the Teatro alla Scala in Milan on various projects. In addition to the frequent concert engagements, he also carries out an intense teaching activity with seminars held all over Europe.

From 1993 he is the holder of the chair of Jazz Guitar at the Conservatoire Hanns Eisler in Berlin. He currently lives in Berlin.


Foto by Violeta Pelivan
Foto by Violeta Pelivan


Joe Pass, Harry “Sweets”Edison, Buddy Tate, Al Grey, Buddy de Franco,  Bob Minzer, Eddie Gomez, Benny Bailey, Giovanni Tommaso, Danny Moos, Eliot Zigmund...


Both as a leader and as a sideman he has made various albums:

 -1986 Kara Johnstadt “Falling October”

 -1986 H. Edison”meets Sweets”

 -1988 Torsten Zwingenberger

 -1988 Plas Johnson

 -1998 Lito Tabora”Understanding”

 -2001 Susanna Capurso”Napoli con Amore”

 -2001 M.Carilli”Their eyes their smiles"

 -2006 Giorgio Crobu "Abarossa"


    In 1986 he won the referendum for best album of the year in Germany  promoted by the review Jazz Podium with the album Meets Harry "Sweets" Edison.



  - Berlin jazz in the Garden

-Villingen jazz Festival

  - Kempten

 -Berlin Jazz in Museum

- Bremerhaven Guitar Jazz Festival

- Singen Jazz Festival

- Dresden Jazz Festival

- Bad Kissingen

- Dromos-Sardinia